Support horsemanship training for a child for a month! Your monthly donation of 38USD, will enable a child living in an orphanage to come to the Wild Horse Farm for 1–2 days per week. Your support will give this child the opportunity to bond with a horse and build a loving relationship based on trust. This helps a child develop emotionally, and open his / her heart for the possibility of a fuller life.

Funding Goal : $13,680


Amount Raised : $ 0


A child growing up in a local orphanage is there, through loss of parents, abuse, or because their parents don’t have the ability to provide food, clothing / shelter in a stable environment.

Children growing up in orphanages have their basic needs like food, clothing and shelter met, as well as schooling, but they often lack the attention, encouragement, and love they so desperately need. They long for personal connection, deep relationship, as well as having fun.

Sponsoring a child to receive horsemanship lessons at Wild Horse Farm, provides that child with a wonderful day out of the city. The child will be introduced to a horse, learn to communicate with that horse, as well as get the opportunity to ride it. No matter how shut down or sad a child is, sooner or later a great big smile appears on his / her face, because horses have a wonderful ability to make their way into every child’s heart.

The physical heart of a horse is much larger than the heart of a human. Just being in the presence of a horse, calms a person down, and can lower the heart rate and blood pressure. A sense of peace comes from spending time with a horse.

All the horses used in the children’s program are fear-free, and very gentle and loving toward the children.

The day also involves picking fresh fruit from trees, playing games, and interacting with different small animals, like dogs, chickens, and guinea pigs.

A day at H4O helps a child enjoy the moment, and experience a few carefree hours.

Through the horsemanship lessons, they grow in confidence, trust, and esteem. They learn communication skills, problem solving skills, leadership skills and some English.

At H4O, the children are being trained in a caring environment, with people who want to help them see, and reach, their potential.

The amount you see in the Funding Goal box is horsemanship training for 30 children for a whole year.

Your support will make a major difference in the life of an orphan.

Your tax deductible contribution of just 38USD a month, gives a child living at an orphanage hope and a future through being connected to the H4O children’s program. This is a loving, faith-based child sponsorship program.

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Support Horsemanship Training for a child for a month!
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