What we are hoping for

Our Mission

Horses for Orphans projects create an environment where children from orphanages can come to experience joy and the healing of their hearts through growing in their relationship with Jesus and interacting with horses the natural way; through relationship.

With our H4O projects, we invest in young people from a background of poverty, to provide them with the opportunity for work and life advancement.

Beyond learning how to accomplish traditional horsemanship tasks that are essential in equestrian establishments, the young people gain a deep understanding of horse psychology and the way horses communicate. They gain leadership skills, better communication skills, and the ability to prepare horses for a variety of equestrian sports using love, trust, and honor.

The teaching material is based on natural horsemanship principles.

Some of our young people have a desire to become project leaders themselves. We provide them with the opportunity to do so, once they are of age. We help the others find work experience placements, and then employment.

The H4O Programme

First, we focus on the healing of the hearts of children with little or no hope for the future.

By opening their hearts to the possibilities of a fuller life through an understanding of God’s love, they are able to earn, and receive, the love and trust of horses.

We at H4O know that, sooner or later, horses will find a way into every child’s heart. Through a relationship based on love, honor, and trust, the children begin to grow in confidence, connection, communication, leadership skills, and problem-solving abilities.

By learning how to take care of horses, and understanding how they think and feel, children grow in kindness, healthy esteem, and responsibility. This powerful experience provides the nourishment to emotionally grow and develop.

Children then have the option to participate in an extended leadership training program, to become leaders of a horse project in their country.

The Benefits

Our program teaches effective communication, increases personal confidence and develops team skills, as children and youth move toward becoming the leaders they want to be. Through mentorship and training, children and youth gain the necessary skills to pursue a career with horses.

The lessons of horsemanship go far beyond caring for, and working with, horses.  

Horses for Orphans (H4O) is committed to:

  • becoming family for orphans,
  • providing spiritual discipleship, and
  • mentoring children to become the leaders they were born to be.

You Can Help

Through the support of our generous donors, we will continue to honor our commitments to these at-risk and orphaned children. Please consider adding your support, either giving of your time or financial gifts, to Horses for Orphans.


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