The relationship between human and horse

At Horses for Orphans, we help each child/youth understand how to build a deep and true connection with the horse – a heart connection – through love, trust and honor.

We teach how belief structures affect our human/horse relationships and how barriers between us and the horses are broken down. The children/youth learn about the healing of their heart and how to build an intimate connection with the horse. This process teaches them how to overcome fears in themselves and help the horse overcome his fears.

They learn about the family structure of the horse herd and how the lead mare cares for and protects the herd. By understanding the motives and mindsets of the lead mare, you gain insight on how to become your horse’s safe place.

Through regular lessons they receive the keys to become a true lead for your horse and learn how different types of horses communicate. They study phases; how to shape space; skills for gentling; awareness of living in the now as well as how to be one with your horse. They start to understand how to communicate with a horse using thought and energy, through which true lightness and harmony are created.


The horse is a family animal who loves to be in relationship. He is looking for the herd feeling! When we take him out of the herd to be alone with us, we need to be aware of how deep this need is in him and be willing to meet it. If we don’t meet his need for connection, he will feel lost. If you are the one who provides love, peace and joy for him, he will become completely secure in your presence, feeling safe, protected and provided for. Everything we do with the horse needs to be from love.


When we provide a peaceful atmosphere the horse will be able to let go of mental, emotional and physical brace so he can find relaxation. Our goal is to start, continue and end with relaxation, no matter we do! As prey animals, horses are also very intuitive of their surroundings. Healing our own heart will enable us to open our heart freely. Then we can indeed connect and bring peace, love and joy to our relationships.


Horses are looking for love, peace and joy. When interacting with them, we need to provide that for them. Horses are very sensitive to our thoughts and feelings. Our heart needs to be a place out of which love, peace and joy can flow to the horse. Once a horse feels love and peace and therefore safe, protected and provided for, he is ready to have fun! Moving with a human needs to feel good and the horse loves it when we are happy in ourselves and happy with him. We can share this happiness and joy starts to bounce back and forth.

Horsemanship Method

We use a unique program called True Connection that blends horsemanship skills and healing of the heart, marrying theory and practice with the goal of raising up leaders of all ages.

True Connection and the H-Factor material and were created by Ingela & Richard Larsson Smith


Take a look into the relationship between our kids and horses.
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