Help Horses for Orphans expand our current boundaries. A parcel of land is for sale, right next to the horse arena where we teach children from local orphanages. The land is covered in native trees, and provides a nice barrier to the neighboring houses. Plus, two sides of the parcel are adjoining to our property. Purchasing this land will provide much-needed grazing for our horses, and ensure that our property remains a harmonious, and peaceful, place for the children. If someone else builds a house or factory on this parcel, it will be right against our fence line. Your donation will support our expansion, and safeguard our property. You can help ensure that orphans continue to have the opportunity to interact with our horses, and see life beyond orphanage walls.

Funding Goal : $55,000


Amount Raised : $ 0


We have been praying over this specific parcel of land for the last couple of years. Now it has come up for sale, and the owner is giving us the first right to purchase. We would love to own this parcel, as two of its sides are adjoining our property line. One side is along our back yard and chicken shed, and the other is right along our horse arena field.

We believe this land is meant to belong to our farm, so there is no possibility for a loud factory to go up right next to where we run the children’s program. We want children to enjoy the beauty and peace of nature when they come out to the countryside for their day away from the city.

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