Help us purchase a horse trailer, so we can transport our horses to local orphanages. Your donation will bring joy to children who are not yet able to come to Wild Horse Farm. The trailer we are looking for must be able to transport two horses, and ideally, is closed at the top. The pictures below are of the trailer we have been renting when we needed to transport our horses. Unfortunately, this rental trailer can only accommodate one horse, and it is open at the top, which risks injuries to the horse. Your donation will help us bring two horses out to orphans with no other way to see, and interact, with them. You can help these children see life beyond orphanage walls.

Funding Goal : $2,300


Amount Raised : $ 0


Taking our own horses to local orphanages brings joy to children who can’t come to Wild Horse Farm, due to lack of transport or lack of permission from the authorities.

On these outings, our boys share their testimony on how the love of God has changed their lives, and they demonstrate their relationship with our horses – through live riding performances to music. At the end, these children get an opportunity to interact with our horses.

We need our own horse trailer, so we can travel to orphanages more often, and with more than one horse.

Currently there are only two options for transporting our horses to children who can’t come to Wild Horse Farm: 1) We pay a transport company to pick up our horses in a cattle truck, or 2) We rent a small one-horse trailer locally.

Both these options are expensive and challenging. The cattle truck doesn’t have a loading ramp, which means a separate stop at a neighboring farm to access their ramp, when available. Rentals often require repairs – including flat tires, non-functioning lights, broken floorboards / hinges that don’t close – before we can even use them.

Photos below show a) the trailer we usually rent, b) repairs typically needed, c) and how cramped it is for one small horse.

Cattle truck pictures below show a) the size of that rental; b) changing weather conditions we deal with in Brazil; c) inadequate tires for muddy hills; d) assistance from a friendly, helpful local farmer; e) the amount of rain water the horses must stand in when the trailer is an open unit.

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