Provide all necessary care for a horse for a month. Your donation of 89USD, will ensure the well-being of a horse, so it can be a blessing to a broken child. –‘Well-being’- includes living in a natural herd environment, with the ability to freely roam the pastures, for a minimum of 16 hours per day. During that time, the horse will have constant access to fresh water, a rain and a sun shelter, and excellent grazing, specifically planted for horses. Salt and minerals are provided on a daily basis, as well as hard feed, if necessary.

Funding Goal : $8,544


Amount Raised : $ 0

Description : SPONSOR A HORSE

Sponsoring a horse for a month also covers regular de-worming, vaccinations, foot trimming, veterinary and dental care; training, as well as daily grooming, and human interaction.

A relationship is built with the horse through love, trust and honor. Once the horse is relaxed and happy around humans, it can be involved in the children’s program.

If a horse has been rescued, it will first be taken care of, until it is strong, healthy and emotionally ready, to interact with the children.  

The total amount you see in the Funding Goal box is to provide for 8 horses for a whole year.

Your tax deductible contribution of just 89USD a month, provides all necessary care for a horse for a month and connects you with a loving horse sponsorship program.

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