Provide food for a family for a whole month. Your donation of 149USD, will ensure that a family with 2–3 children, that doesn’t have enough income to cover their basic food needs, is provided for. The monthly food package will include rice, beans, oil, salt, and garlic to make the main meals; as well as flower, eggs, milk, and sugar to enable them to make breakfast and bread.

Funding Goal : $8940


Amount Raised : $ 0

Description : SPONSOR A FAMILY

Many families live in poverty. This has a direct effect on children, and their future. Children from poor families often go to bed and school hungry. Mal-nutrition leads to a weakened immune system, putting them at higher risk of illness and disease.

Your support changes the daily life of a child.

A child who gets enough to eat, has a much higher chance of survival, and is better able to concentrate better at school. Education is important, because children are the future.

You also impact their parents, by giving them provision, security and hope.

The total amount you see in the Funding Goal box is to provide food for 5 families for a whole year.

Your support will make a difference in the lives of an entire family.

Your tax deductible contribution of just 149USD a month, provides food for a family for a month, and connects you with a loving, faith-based family sponsorship program.

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