38 USD provide two chickens: Your donation of two chickens for 38USD, has an immediate effect on a poor family. Owning a couple of chickens means that there is a food source, so a child will receive breakfast and not go to school hungry. The protein also helps the child to become stronger and healthier. Parents can feel a sense of pride in becoming more self-sufficient.

Funding Goal : $1.140


Amount Raised : $ 0

Description : BE A NEIGHBOR

Your support ensures that a family will receive 2 chickens that are already producing eggs.

Alternatively, we give eggs to families that are not yet set up or able to take care of their own chickens.

We buy newly hatched chickens and raise them in a free-range environment until they start to lay eggs. Then, we give those chickens to poor families to provide them with fresh eggs.

While chicken’s live on Wild Horse Farm, they help children from local orphanages. These children interact with the chickens by feeding them, stroking them, and learning how to take care of them.

The amount you see in the Funding Goal box is for a total of 30 families who will be provided with chickens in 2020.

Your support will make a difference.

Your tax deductible contribution of just 38USD a month, provides a poor family with 2 egg laying chickens and connects you with a loving, faith-based neighbor sponsorship program.

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Provide 2 chickens for a family!
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